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Her performance was infectious. Almost everyone who saw her live said her performance was very immersive. Her subtle performance, authentic and unique, all but highlights her excellence as a musical theater performer. She differentiates herself from other musical Theater performers by being a triple threat—songwriter creater and a 


Chinese singer-songwriter Jiajie Zhu . She enjoys telling stories on stage with music in the form of musicals, and she is also a composer of musicals, and she prefers to sing and perform her own musical pieces.


What I’ve Done

Graduated from the 13th class of Liu Tianchi's Acting Workshop and appeared in the play (Chicken Feathers Fly to Heaven) as Luo Yuzhu

 Held her first original concert in Berkeley - Me, Cecilia and I

 Performed her own original musical repertoire Cecilia at Kaufman Music Theatre in the US

Posted a music video of her own musical on Weibo, which was recommended by many microbloggers and received over 100,000 plays.

The total number of video plays on the whole network exceeded 300,000

2023 The 6th American Starlight Youth Talent Competition - Third Prize in Musical Competition

朱允恩 艺术照_edited.jpg

Cecilia by Jiajie Zhu Stills

Performing Roxie - Chicago

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